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Hey everybody, I'm still here...

2008-08-30 01:40:21 by Skwinch

I havn't submitted anything lately because I havn't deemed any of my projects Newgrounds-worthy. That does not mean I have been doing nothing. I have over 35 new flash programs that are kind of shabby but all exceptionally cool (Well, at least I think they are... :P)So I think I'll make some kind of giant compilation of all the neat stuff I made and post it as one post, so that it's all together. What do you think of that, eh? If there's anyone out there who cares... K bai

Incoming from the land of Skwinch is like a million games. the only thing thats stopping me from posting them all now is that they all just arent completely made yet, thats all. Id just like to say, "hello, Newgrounds!"

My new game, Breakthru, is my first Flash game that isn't just a demo of physics. Play it, enjoy, play it again, vote 5, and you might even want to play it again!

signing off, SKWINCH